J&J Dump Bodies

CSTK Truck Equipment offers the highest-quality Dynahauler dump bed truck body options from J&J Truck Bodies & Trailers.

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J&J Truck Bodies & Trailers, a division of Somerset Welding & Steel, was first established in 1958, and began by building steel dump bodies for coal haulers and farmers. To answer the changing needs of their customers, J&J Truck Bodies & Trailers expanded and diversified its product line, introducing the DynaHauler® series of truck bodies. These precision-engineered truck bodies are built to satisfy the demanding requirements of the most rugged and varied applications. The extensive line of DynaHauler® products includes dump bodies for the light duty chassis or heavy-duty trailers for rock hauling or demolition and excavation work.

CSTK Truck Equipment can outfit your operation with the best dump bed body options from J&J. Contact us now to learn more about all of the customized dump bed body options from KahnTEC.

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CSTK Truck Equipment in St. Louis, MO serves the Midwest with custom mechanics trucks, service trucks, railroad trucks, & other specialty vehicles. Our custom truck designs are built to suit with cranes, welders, compressors, drawer sets, lube skids, onboard power & other features.

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