Kahn Open House Flyer

As an affiliate of CSTK, CSTK Truck Equipment is excited to announce the addition of J&J Dump Bodies and Reading Truck Bodies to their product line. Kahn will be celebrating the additional services offered by having a product launch and open house on Wednesday, December 7th, 2016. From 11AM – 3PM, join the Kahn team at 420 E. Carrie Ave in St. Louis, Missouri to see all of the new products available from J&J Truck Bodies and Trailers and Reading Truck Bodies. There will be truck demos, door prizes, attendance gifts, and lunch will be served as well.


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J&J Truck Bodies has been operating for over 50 years and has a wide range of standard and specialty dump truck bodies. Most J&J dump truck bodies are available in stainless, aluminum, and steel so you can choose the best option for your business. Some great products from J&J include the Light-Duty dump bodies that are specifically designed for landscapers, contractors, and government agencies who need a smaller dump truck that works as hard as the larger models. Another J&J dump truck model is the Heavy Construction aluminum dump body. This body is used for heavy duty hauling and has reinforced side braces to add extra strength. From a small landscaping job to heavy duty aggregate hauling, J&J dump truck bodies are the workhorse you need to get the job done.

J&J Dump Bed St. Louis Midwest Truck Body Dump Bed Body Dealer Custom Dump Truck Trailer CSTK Truck Equipment Dynahauler

J&J Light Duty Dump Body


J&J Heavy Construction Aluminum Dump Body

Reading Truck Bodies are built to the same standards that you expect your business to achieve. Their company goal is to build high quality work truck bodies specialized to meet vocational needs. With over 60 years of experience in the business, Reading Truck Bodies are experts in crafting a valuable service truck body. Reading has enclosed aluminum truck bodies, aluminum and cranemaster service bodies, platform & landscape bodies, and marauder dump bodies available in their product line-up plus lots of accessories to add onto any custom built truck body.


Reading Classic Service Van


Reading Cranemaster Body

CSTK Truck Equipment provides quality custom mechanics trucks, service trucks, and other specialty vehicles. Kahn already offers great products from CM Truck Beds, IMT, and Warner Truck Bodies in addition to our new products from J&J Truck Bodies and Reading Truck Bodies. If you are in the market for a custom built work truck you can look no further than CSTK Truck Equipment. We look forward to seeing you and your team on Wednesday, December 7th, 2016!


CSTK Truck Equipment Presents STAHL Truck Bodies to meet your needs.

Since 1946, STAHL has been manufacturing durable, rugged truck bodies that provide years of experience service. KahnTEC now brings you the complete line of STAHL truck bodies including service, van, crane, and even hybrid service-dump bodies. Lift, store, dump, and haul with the comprehensive line of truck bodies from STAHL.

Throughout its history, STAHL has led the work truck industry with several innovations and enhancements, including the first galvanneal steel truck bodies and exclusive lock-bolt construction. CSTK Truck Equipment is proud to be a part of their network of distributors that are strategically located throughout the United States to provide you with convenient and timely customer service. STAHL also has distributors located throughout Canada.

STAHL offers a robust line of service, van, and crane bodies along with mobile cranes. See how STAHL equipment can work for you:

Service Bodies:

STAHL offers Challenger ST and MDST Medium Duty for truck bodies. Do you need a strong and sensible mobile workstation? The Challenger ST series was designed with you in mind blending rugged layouts and generous storage. Challenger ST service bodies are the classic choice of fleet managers and independent contractors alike for their tough galvanneal steel construction, convenient storage and access, and extended years of service.

If you have a medium duty vehicle, you still want your truck to perform at full level capacity. MDST Medium Duty truck service bodies provide multiple storage compartments and generous cargo space for medium-duty work trucks. To protect your work truck equipment from theft and the elements, these service bodies also offer convenient keyed-alike locks, single-panel steel doors and weather-tight seals. MDST Medium Duty service bodies are a versatile, durable option for your medium-duty truck.

Utility Service Vans:

STAHL was the first manufacturer of truck service bodies to design a Utility Service Van (USV) body to fit a cutaway chassis. Today, STAHL is proud to introduce the next generation USV. The Utility Service Van bodies feature exclusive lock-bolt construction; fully-concealed, bolt-on door hinges with integral, spring-loaded door holders; high-styled body sides; single-stage rotary latches; clip-on door seals; and large, clear door openings.

STAHL  van bodies provides 65% more storage space than conventional van bodies and up to two tons of payload capacity. STAHL Utility Service Van Bodies are a popular choice for a variety of work truck users, ranging from electricians and plumbers to telephone and electric utilities.

Cranes and Crane Bodies: 

STAHL’s SCX truck crane bodies give you the storage space you need with reinforced construction to support your crane’s lifting capability. Reduce the risk of injury from lifting by letting the truck crane do the work for you. These crane bodies are reinforced to withstand the demands of various lifting applications. They also feature multiple compartments and large, open cargo space to provide generous storage and hauling room for all your work truck equipment.

STAHL also offers a full line of telescopic, boom, and truck-mounted cranes with a range of features and lifting capacities. Automatic overload protection to prevent lifting in excess of capacity comes standard. They also feature a multi-function, detachable remote control. This lightweight, mobile crane remote allows for single-handed operation and prevents unauthorized use.

Whatever your  work truck demands, STAHL has a truck equipment perfect for you.

Stahl 2


When building a work truck, the words “delicate harmony” may not be the first to come to mind. Aren’t work vehicles supposed to be tough, rugged, and ready to take on the world? Yes – but this level of performance requires careful consideration and balancing.

Spec’ing a truck is creating a detailed description of the work and materials needed for that vehicle’s specific purpose.

Over-spec’ing and under-spec’ing are the two extremes that can weigh down your business with unnecessary problems.

Adding too much to a truck or “over-spec’ing” will drive up the initial cost and waste money. “Under-spec’ing” or not adding adequate equipment for the job can result in pushing the truck beyond its capabilities. This can result in increased wear and need for repairs over the long run.

Today industries require higher standards with fewer resources. KahnTEC has experience and knowledge in reaching maximum ROI (return on investment) building and servicing your work truck. Continue reading to learn how to spec your vehicle:

Build to the Application

This may be a simple place to start, but simple is often the smartest. Before building, think about how your truck will be used. Truck specifications must meet the demands of your business operation.

First, understand the field. While generally work trucks transport tools, parts, and equipment to help the drivers complete their job, there are several trades that use work trucks. Municipal operations, vehicle service, construction, railroad, are just a few examples of the different directions your truck can go.

Service Your Truck

CSTK Truck Equipment can help you build and maintain your specialized truck as well as the components of your vehicle. Bring your vehicle in to our St. Louis facility for crane service, compressor maintenance, and other repair and maintenance services.

You don’t have to start from scratch when designing your work vehicle. If you have some kind of fleet, looking at your old inventory is a good place to start brainstorm ideas for your new truck. Is there a specific aspect of your current truck that needed more attention and repair? Was there a lot of unscheduled maintenance? This can mean the truck lacks the proper equipment to do the job it was assigned to complete.

If you are the business owner, setting aside time to communicate with your truck operators is key to a successful build. They know the day-to-day rigors equipment goes through, and they can lend their first-hand experiences with the decision process.

Chassis, Frames, and Details

You are ready to begin. You have done your homework, listened to your drivers, and know your industry. Now where to start? When planning your truck’s specs, it is critical to calculate the appropriate payload. According to Automotive-Fleet.com, payload is the most important aspect of your vehicle:

“The weight of the payload will determine the engine, transmission, size of tire, frame, and just about everything else.”

Establishing the payload goes back to knowing your industry and tools necessary to get the job done. How much do these tools weigh? Make sure your truck can handle a maximum load at all times. Check out this helpful chart from Work Truck Online on how to determine a truck's max payload:

Now that the payload has been determined, it is time to look at the chassis. Stock or custom? Typically, larger fleets can go with more custom chassis; however KahnTEC can help any individual customer or entire fleet with body and component options.

The next step is to look at frames, electrics, and other systems. The major automotive brands are making frames more compatible for work bodies with adaptability in wiring and connectors. It is important to be mindful of diesel exhaust equipment. The Environmental Protection Agency has regulations on diesel equipment so it smart to build with these laws in mind instead of going back to convert parts later.

Materials also play a major role in building a truck. Steel, aluminum, and fiberglass are all options for truck bodies. Steel and aluminum are less expensive to repair after damage, but fiberglass fights off corrosion from the elements better.

Balancing it all Together

Over-spec’ing the wrong kind of equipment leads to wasted capital and extra weight on your vehicle, and under-spec’ing creates extra stress on the truck. Both of these can compromise the safety of the operators and drivers on the road.

Do you need help find the right options for your build? CSTK Truck Equipment has over 60 years of experience in designing truck bodies for any application.  We handle mechanics, service, municipalities, farming, mining, quarry, lube, fuel, rail, and many more. We offer the best brands in truck bodies and components including IMT, Warner, Monroe Custom Bodies, Vanair, Milller, and others.

Call CSTK Truck Equipment at (877) 225-5246 or send us a message online, and we’ll be happy to help you find perfect harmony.