Onboard Power

The EnPak® by Miller is a revolutionary, fully-integrated power system for work trucks.

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EnPak combines a rotary-screw air compressor, hydraulic pump, generator and a 24.8 HP, Tier IV Final diesel engine in a single unit and is fully-functional with the truck turned off. CSTK Truck Equipment is an Enpak distributor, and can outfit your existing truck or new custom vehicle with an Enpak onboard power system.

EnPak systems are productivity-boosting combinations of an air compressor, generator and available hydraulic pump
that are powered by a fuel-efficient diesel engine integrated with the truck’s fuel supply and battery. EnPak systems give
users full jobsite functionality — with the work truck’s engine turned off. The result is significant savings on fuel costs
and truck maintenance while improving jobsite conditions and extending work truck life.

EnPak systems are a powerhouse combination of:

  • Air compressor
  • EnVerter™ technology
  • Generator
  • Tier 4 Final compliance
  • Available hydraulics
  • Miller® welding options
  • 30% Less Fuel
  • 20 gpm hydraulic pump
  • 60 cfm air compressor
  • 6,000-watt generator
  • Extend Work Truck Life
  • Spend Less On Maintenance
  • Powerful, Portable Welder Solutions
  • More Capabilities, Less Noise
Reliable Power Systems from Miller Enpak. Upfit your truck today!

Custom-Built Trucks

CSTK Truck Equipment in St. Louis, MO serves the Midwest with custom mechanics trucks, service trucks, railroad trucks, & other specialty vehicles. Our custom truck designs are built to suit with cranes, welders, compressors, drawer sets, lube skids, onboard power & other features.

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